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How to Request a Review by SMS

You can request on-site and external reviews by email through the LISA platform—but did you know that you can also request reviews by SMS? Follow the instructions below to send a text message review request.

Because SMS review requests are accessible from the frontend of your website, anyone can send one! No LISA platform login is required, making it a great option for your field reps or even your installers. Simply direct them to the URL and instructions below.

1. Go to the Review Text Request Page

To access this page, first navigate to your website. Then in the nav bar of your browser, copy and paste this string to the end of your website's URL:


This will bring you to your company's Review Text Request page, similar to the one shown below.


If you're already logged into the LISA admin, you can also find a link to this page under Reviews > Review Text Request.

2. Fill in the Information

The Review Text Request page has a simple form for you or your team members to fill out.


Here's a bit more information about each of these form fields:

  • Cell Phone: Enter the customer's cell phone number. Please verify that this is the correct number and that they agree to receive SMS messages from you.
  • Name: This field is optional, but if you add it, then the customer's first and last name will be added to the contact's file in your LISA admin. (If you leave it blank, the lead will flow in as NA NA.)
  • Email: This field is optional, but if you add it, the the email address it will be added to the contact's file in your LISA admin.
  • External Review Market: Choose which market is associated with this review. (After selecting the market, the next field for "Review Site" will automatically populate with the review sites you have set for that particular market.)
  • Review Site: Choose which review site you'd like to request a review on: your own website or one of your third-party review sites such as Facebook.
  • Text Message: Edit the default text message if you'd like to. Note the maximum character count of 136, which ensures that the request is sent in one SMS.

Don't see your review site in the drop-down menu? Learn how to update your external markets' review sites here.

3. Send Your Request

Once you've completed the form to your liking, click Send at the bottom to send the SMS right away.





What Happens Next?

Activity Is Logged

Whenever you send a review request by SMS, the activity will be logged as a "Text Review Request" within the Activity dashboard of your Contact Manager


Team Is Notified

If you've requested an on-site review (rather than an external review such as Facebook), then you'll receive an automated SMS or email notification whenever the customer submits their review

You'll then be able to read and evaluate the customer's feedback before deciding what to do: