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How to View New Customer Reviews

All new customer reviews will be placed on your New Reviews page so that you can evaluate them before choosing what to do next—whether that's publishing them, archiving them, sending an incentive, or requesting additional third-party reviews.

To give you full control over managing your reputation, new reviews will never be published on your website until you or your team decide to publish them.

To see all of your new/pending reviews in the LISA admin, follow the instructions below.

1. Go to Reputation Manager > Reviews

To see your new reviews, all you have to do is log into your LISA platform and navigate to Reputation Manager > Reviews.


2. View the List and Take Further Action

The New Reviews page will show you all of your new customer reviews, sorted in reverse chronological order of the date of submission.


Please note that by "new," we simply mean any customer review that has not yet been published or archived. You can leave reviews on the New Reviews page for as long as you want; they will not be displayed on your website until you choose to publish them.

From the New Reviews page, you can take any number of actions to manage your reputation:

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