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Where Do I Go to Request a Review by SMS?

There are two main ways that you can request a review by SMS:

  1. Navigate to a dedicated URL on the frontend of your website
  2. Go through the backend of your LISA admin portal

Both are very simple and take just a few clicks. We'll explain both of these options below.

Option #1: Dedicated URL on Your Website

Navigate to your website in your internet browser and then add this path to the end of the URL:


This will bring you to the Review Text Request page, where you can fill out a simple form and send the review request immediately. Learn more about how to request a text review here.


Because this page is accessible to anyone, your field reps, installers, and other staff members can easily request an SMS review without having to log into LISA. They can even bookmark this page and request the review before the leaving the job site.

Once the customer follows through and submits their review, you'll still have final control over which reviews are archived and which are published on your site.

Option #2: Through the LISA Admin

After logging into your LISA platform, click "Reputation Manager" from the left-hand toolbar and then "Review Text Request."


This will link you to the form shown above, where you can complete the fields and send the request immediately.

Note that in order to access the Reputation Manager, you must have either Administrator or User permissions in the LISA platform. Learn more about the different LISA admin roles here.