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How to Request a Review by Email

It's easy to request a review via email through the LISA admin! Simply follow the instructions below.

Did you know? Anyone on your staff can also request a review by SMS directly through the frontend of your website, without requiring a LISA platform log-in. Learn how to request an SMS review here.

1. Go to Contact Manager > Contacts

After logging into your LISA platform, navigate to Contact Manager > Contacts.


You can also navigate here by clicking Reputation Manager > Review Request. This will simply bring you to the same Contacts page shown in step 2.

2. Click the Dropdown Menu

On the Contacts page, find the contact from whom you'd like to request a review by email. Then click the dropdown menu at the right side of the row.


Have tons of contacts to sort through? Then you can make it easier by using the search bar or the filters at the top. Learn more about searching and filtering contacts here. (Link coming soon!)


3. Click "Send Review Request"

Once you've clicked the settings menu, click "Send Review Request."


This will open up the contact's page with a review request email template already populated. (The default template will be for an on-site review.)


If you'd like to use something besides the default template, click into the "Message Template" dropdown menu to see all of the templates available to you. Select your preferred template, and the content will update immediately.


If you don't want to use any of the email templates you see in the dropdown menu, you can always create a new one! Learn how to create a new customer email template (to request reviews)

4. Make Edits, If You Want To

To adjust the content of the email (changing what your chosen template contains), you can click into the text editor and make your changes.

For instance, you can add more text, upload a photo, insert new links, format the text, etc. 


You can also use the "Available Fields" section beneath the text editor to insert dynamic information that is automatically updated based on this contact's data. Learn more about dynamic information here. (Link coming soon!)


Please keep in mind that any edits you make within the text editor on this page will only apply to this specific email. If you want these edits to apply to all future emails that will use this template, then it would be better to edit the customer email template itself.

5. Save Your Changes

Once you're finished making any edits, click "Send" at the bottom to send your review request immediately.


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