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How to Add Employees as Team Members (to Collect Customer Reviews)

Through the LISA admin, you have the option of allowing customers to associate their reviews with specific members of your team.

By adding employees as "team members," they can be set to appear in a dropdown menu on your on-site review form (located on your /reviews/ page and shown below).


To add employees to your form for customer reviews, follow the instructions below.

In order to follow these instructions, the employee must be a LISA platform user. Learn more about the various LISA user roles and how to add a new user.

1. Go to Company Info > Team Members

After logging into your LISA platform, navigate to Company Info > Team Members.


2. Add a New Employee

On the Team Members page, you'll see all of your currently added employees (within their respective branches and respective departments, if you have more than one set up).

To add a new employee, click the plus sign (+) within the relevant branch and department.


Please be aware that the employees, branches, and departments that you add to this page will be visible on your website's Our Team page (accessible at /our-team/). Learn more here. (Link coming soon!)

3. Fill in the Employee Details

On the "Add Employee" page, first choose the correct employee from the "Associated User" dropdown. (If the employee does not appear in this menu, then you need to add him or her as a LISA user.)

Then fill out the remaining details for this employee, keeping in mind that the information you include here will be visible to your website visitors.


To allow for customer reviews of this team member, it is important to make sure that the "Disable Reviews" box remains in the default state of unchecked.


4. Save Your Changes

Once you've added the team member, click "Save" to save your changes.


That's it! Now this employee will be selectable for customer reviews on your on-site review form (located under /reviews/).

Did you know? You can return to Company Info > Team Members at any time to view your employees' review ratings at a glance!

The average number of stars will be displayed here for easy review and comparison.


Learn more about the "Team Members" feature here. (Link coming soon!)