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How to Create a New Customer Email Template for a Review Thank You

Whenever a customer submits a review on your website, they'll receive an automated email confirming their review submission and thanking them. To create a new template for this message (or to edit an existing one), follow the instructions below.

Note that these instructions apply to the email sent after a customer submits a review. If you'd like to change the email message that is sent when you request a review by email through the admin, follow these instructions instead.

1. Go to Notifications > Email Templates

After logging into the LISA admin, go to Notifications > Email Templates.


On the Email Templates page, make sure that you are on the "Customers" tab.


2. Click the Plus (+) Button

Next, click the plus (+) button to create a new email template.


Your LISA platform will likely have a default "review thank you" or "review submitted" template already created. If you'd like to edit this or another template rather than creating a totally new one, simply click it from the list.

3. Fill Out the Template Details


On the Email Template page shown above, fill in the relevant information in the fields:

  • Name
  • Subject
  • Body
  • Email template type*
  • Dynamic elements
  • Email trigger options**

*To ensure that this template can be sent in response to customer reviews, the most important setting is to choose "Reviews" in the dropdown menu for Email Template Type.


**Another key field for your review response emails will be Email Trigger Options.


  • By selecting "Automatic - Email type default," this email template will be automatically sent to every customer who submits a review on your website.
  • By selecting "Automatic," you can then add conditional rules to this email template, allowing you to send different thank you messages to different customers based on the number of stars they've rated you and/or their lead source.

Learn more about using conditionals to send different customer emails based on the review's star rating, including tips on why you might want to do this.

4. Save Your Changes

Once your email template is completed, save your changes at the bottom.


That's it! Your new email template will now be sent whenever a customer submits a review, based on the specific rules you've established on this page.

Not sure what to say in your review thank you email? You could stick with a simple "thank you," but it's often better to provide a next step for customers to take—such as submitting another review on a third-party site or referring friends and family for an additional bonus.

Get ideas for in our article on review thank you message best practices. (Link coming soon!)