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How to Send Different Emails to Your Team Based on the Number of Stars in a Review

Within the LISA admin, you can choose exactly how your company email notifications are set up whenever a new review comes in. You can send the same email to your team regardless of the review, or you can send different emails based on different star ratings.

To send different emails based on rating, follow the instructions below.

1. Consider How Many Different Emails You'd Like

First it will be helpful to consider how many company email templates you'd like to create in total. For instance:

  • Some companies want a dedicated email notification for 1-star reviews only—allowing them to quickly react to an upset customer.
  • Other companies prefer a dedicated email for 5-star reviews, allowing them to encourage the happy customer to submit another review on a third-party site.
  • Some companies even set up unique emails for every single rating, 1 through 5.

It's completely up to you!

2. Create the First Company Email Template

After you've mapped out the overall plan for your company email notifications, you can start by creating the first email template.

Go to Notifications > Email Templates, click into the "Company" tab, and then click the plus (+) sign.


If you'd like more guidance, check out our instructions on creating a new company email template for reviews.

3. Edit Your Email Template Content


To make sure that this email can be sent to your staff members based on the specific number of stars in the review, choose the following key settings:


It's also a good idea to choose a clear and specific name, as you will be creating multiple review email templates for your company.

4. Add Your Condition(s)

By choosing the "Automatic" type of email trigger, another dropdown menu for "Condition" will appear. In this menu, select "Review."


Then in the dropdown menu below, choose the condition that must be met for this company email template to be sent.


Please be aware that you can add multiple conditions to create the perfect set of rules for your review email notifications.

For instance, you could create a company email template that is automatically sent for both reviews of 1 star and reviews of 5 star—since either extreme may call for a quicker response from your staff. In this case, you could apply two conditions, as shown below.


5. Change Email Addresses to Be Notified (Optional)

When you add a new condition to your company email template, you can also change who gets notified, if you want to. Simply type in the email addresses to be notified in the fields below.


Keep in mind that adding any email addresses here will override the settings established under Notifications > Routing. Only the email addresses in these fields will be notified.

6. Save Your Changes

After you've created your email template, set your preferred condition(s), and edited the email addresses if necessary, click "Save" to save your changes.


7. Repeat for the Remaining Email Templates

Simply repeat the instructions above until you've created all of the email templates you'd like to have for different review ratings.

Want more information on handling positive and negative customer reviews? Check out our best practices article to get additional tips on managing your reputation effectively. (Link coming soon!)