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How to Unarchive a Review

Archiving reviews is a simple way to keep your reviews dashboard organized. However, if you change your mind about an archived review, you can easily unarchive it following the instructions below.

1. Go to Reputation Manager > Reviews

Log into your LISA platform and go to Reputation Manager > Reviews.


2. Go to the "Archived" Tab

Click into the "Archived" tab at the top to see a list of your currently archived reviews.


3. Find the Review

On the Archived Reviews page, locate the review you'd like to unarchive.

If the list is brief, you can do this by browsing the list manually. If you have a lot of reviews to sort through, try using your browser's Ctrl+F feature to search by name, or filter by employee if that helps. 


4. Click the Open Folder Icon or Review Details

Once you've located the review in question, there are two ways to unarchive it.

You can click the open folder icon directly from the Archived Reviews page.


Or you can click the review to open its Review Details page and then click "Unarchive" at the bottom.


As soon as you've clicked either button above, your review will be immediately unarchived.

What happens when you unarchive a review? 

The review will move out of the "Archived" tab and back into the "New" tab of your reviews dashboard. From there, you can take any of the normal actions you could with a brand-new review, including:

  • Publish it
  • Post a reply
  • Send a third-party review request - link coming soon!
  • Send a purchased incentive - link coming soon!