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How to Share a Review on Social Media

With the LISA platform, every customer review that is posted on your website is given its own dedicated webpage. This not only helps build website credibility in search engine rankings, but it also makes it easy to share an individual review on social media.

Note that the review must be published in order to share it on social media. If you need guidance, refer to our article on how to publish a review.

To share a published review on social media, follow the instructions below.

1. Go to Reputation Manager > Reviews

After logging into your LISA platform, navigate to Reputation Manager > Reviews.


2. Click the "Published" Tab

From the reviews dashboard, click into the "Published" tab at the top.


3. Find and Open the Review

Locate the review you'd like to share within the list of Published Reviews. You can scroll through the list manually, use your browser's Ctrl+F feature to search, or filter by employee if that makes it easier.

Once you've clicked the review, you'll be brought to the Review Details page shown below.


4. Click Share

On the Review Details page, click the button at the bottom for "Share."


5. Share on Your Preferred Platform

Clicking the button to share will bring you to the review's dedicated webpage (on your live website), similar to the example shown below. Simply click the relevant icon to share the review on social media.


The available sharing platforms include:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Email

How Does It Work?

The steps vary slightly based on which platform you choose.

As an example, if you choose to share on Facebook, you'll be brought to a page within Facebook, shown below. You can then choose exactly where to share the review—most likely on your Facebook Business Page.


Want to change the image that appears when you share a review on social media? No problem! Contact your Spectrum Client Manager for assistance, or fill out a help ticket at this link.

Sharing your best reviews on social media is a great way to get more people reading your reviews, which helps build credibility and drives more people to your website.

Get additional tips on making the most of your LISA platform customer reviews in our best practices guide. (Link coming soon!)