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What Happens When a Customer Submits a Review?

Whenever a customer submits a review through your LISA platform, several things will happen automatically—regardless of whether the review comes in as a result of an email request, an SMS request, or a customer submitting a review of their own accord on your Reviews page.

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1. Your Team Gets Notified

Your team members will receive an automated email and/or SMS notification informing you of the new review. The email notification might look something like the one below.

Review_notification.pngYou have complete control over this company notification email through the Notifications section of the LISA admin. Follow the links below to learn how to adjust each setting:

2. Customer Receives a Thank You Message

Just like your team gets automatically notified, so does the customer. The email that the customer receives might look something like the one below.


Again, you have complete control over this automated customer email notification within the LISA platform section for Notifications. You can adjust:

*Please ask your Spectrum Client Manager if you'd like to change this email address.

3. Review Goes to the New Reviews Page

In addition to the automated company and customer notifications, the review will be placed into the New Reviews page of the LISA admin (located under Reputation Manager > Reviews). 


From this page, you can:

For more information on reviews in the LISA platform, check out these beginner-friendly resources: