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Overview: How Surveys Work in the LISA Admin

Through the LISA admin, it's easy to collect customer feedback. All you have to do is create a survey, send it out to customers, and watch the results come in!

This article explains how the survey process works from start to finish and provides further help desk links for you and your team to explore.

For a high-level overview of surveys, start with our beginner's guide to surveys, or learn more about which LISA admin roles can manage surveys.

Step #1: Create a Survey

From Reputation Manager > Surveys, you'll create a new survey. When designing your survey, there are many options available, including:


Step #2: Test the Survey

Before sending out your survey, we recommend testing it to make sure that your questions are clear and written to collect the type of feedback you want.

You can easily tell which surveys are in test mode from your Surveys dashboard, as shown below.


Please note that you can only set a survey to test mode whenever you first create it. Learn where the test mode setting is located and how to test a survey

Step #3: Customize the Email Template

After your survey is created, you can customize the email template that will be sent to customers to request their participation in the survey. 


Learn how to customize your customer email template to request a survey.

Step #4: Send the Survey Request

From the Contacts page, you can send your survey to as many customers as you'd like. (Any LISA admin user in the role of Administrator, User, or Representative can send surveys.)


Step #5: View Reports and Results

Once customers start to fill out your survey, you can view the results as they come in—both at the aggregate level as a survey report and at the individual user level.

The aggregate survey report is accessible through Reputation Manager > Surveys and looks similar to the one below. Learn how to view a survey report.


The individual responses are accessible through Contact Manager > Activity, showing you how each customer responded to the survey questions. Learn how to view individual survey responses.


Did you know? You can also download a full spreadsheet of survey data.

What happens after you've sent out a survey and gathered feedback? To get the most value out of your customer feedback, consider taking one of these additional actions:

  • Follow up with customers. If a customer has left you a great survey, consider following up to request a review, offer a referral bonus, or just send a message to thank the customer. 
  • Display the survey results on your site. If your survey used the "survey aggregates" feature, then you can easily display the results in the form of a graph.