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Creating a New Survey Part 2: Survey Questions

After choosing your survey settings, the next step to creating a new survey is to add and/or customize your survey questions. This is done on the Survey Questions page, as shown below.


Please note that your Survey Questions page may look different than the blank screenshot above. If you are using a survey template, questions will already be populated for you.

The rest of this article will explain the two types of questions you can create on the Survey Questions page:

  1. Aggregate rating questions
  2. Your own custom questions

Aggregate Rating Questions

The first option presented on the Survey Questions page relates to aggregate rating questions.


By checking the box for "Use Aggregate Rating Questions," you will be using questions that can be displayed in the form of a bar chart on your website.

A set of questions will automatically populate for you based on whatever you've saved as survey aggregates (under Reputation Manager > Aggregates).


Options for Editing Aggregate Questions

By selecting the aggregate rating checkbox, all questions associated with aggregates will populate within your survey. However, you do not have to use all of these questions or keep them exactly as is.

By hovering over the aggregate questions, you will see the additional actions featured below.


Use these actions to:

  • Arrow: Change the question order by clicking the arrow and dragging each question into a new position.
  • Pencil: Click the pencil to edit the question text. (Note that while you can type in a completely new question, the question will still be tied to the original aggregate category.)
  • Trashcan: Delete this aggregate question from the current survey.

Any changes you make to these aggregate questions will apply only to this particular survey. To edit the aggregates themselves (and affect all future surveys with aggregates), check out these resources:

Your Own Custom Questions

In the next section titled Add and Edit Questions, you can customize the questions on your survey.

Remember that as you make changes, you can view the preview in real time at the right-hand side of the screen.


Add a New Question

Regardless of whether you choose to use survey aggregates or not, you can always add your own questions to your survey. Simply click the button for "Add Question."


This will bring up additional options for your survey question.


Using the fields and options shown above, you can create the exact type of question you want:

  • Type in your question text.
  • Set the question as required or optional.
  • Choose the answer type.
  • If necessary for your answer type, add one or more answer choices.

When creating a question type that offers preset options (such as the "single" or "multiple"), please note that you can have up to 25 answer fields, each containing up to 100 characters.

Edit an Existing Question

To edit a question, hover over the question's row to bring up the set of buttons shown below. Then click the pencil icon in the middle.


This will open the question's content, where you'll be able to edit the question text, the answer type, and the answer choices (if necessary).


Delete a Question

To delete a question, hover over the question's row to bring up the set of buttons shown below. Then click the trashcan icon.


Please note that there is no confirmation of the delete action. As soon as you click the trashcan, the question will be immediately deleted and cannot be undone.

Reorder Questions

To reorder a question, hover over the question's row to bring up the set of buttons shown below. Then click and drag the four-pointed arrow.


Using the tools described above, you can add, edit, delete, and reorder your survey questions until they're perfect for your survey.

What's next? After you've written and/or customized your survey questions, click the button for "Create Survey Confirmation Page." This will take you to the final step of creating your survey.


Learn more about the options for your Survey Confirmation page.