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Overview: Company and Customer Email Templates for Surveys

In the LISA admin, email templates make it easy for you to send and receive all kinds of emails related to surveys. Learn more about how these company and customer email templates work below.

How Do Email Templates Work for Surveys?

For surveys, you can use email templates to request surveys, to say thank you for responding, and to notify your team of a new survey response.

To set up your survey email templates, the basic steps are as follows:

  1. Create or customize the email template.
  2. Set conditions to have the email sent automatically, or send it manually.

Your LISA admin comes with a set of email templates already created for you, but you can always edit these existing templates or create completely new ones. It's up to you and your survey needs.

For a general overview on both customer and company email templates, check out our resource on email templates in the LISA admin.

Where Can I Manage Survey Email Templates?

You can view your current email templates and edit them from Notifications > Email Templates.


To access Notifications > Email Templates, you must be an Administrator or a User. Administrators can access both customer and company email templates, while Users can access only customer templates. For more information, explore the LISA admin roles.

What Types of Survey Email Templates Can I Create?


Like all of your email templates, you can create two basic types related to surveys:

  • Email templates for customers, both to request a survey and say thank you for completing a survey
  • Email templates for your company, to automatically notify your team whenever a survey response comes in

Learn how to create and customize these email templates in the resources below:

How Many Survey Email Templates Can I Create?

As many as you'd like!

For instance, perhaps you'd like to use one email template for a certain survey and a totally different email template for another survey. Or maybe you'd like surveys with good reviews to notify one team member and surveys with bad reviews to notify another. It's completely up to you.

How Do I Send Different Emails Automatically?

To send different email templates automatically (as described just above), you'll simply add conditions whenever you create or edit an email template.