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How to Test a Survey

While a survey is in test mode, you and your team members can test it out as many times as you'd like. Follow the instructions below.

1. Go to Your Surveys Dashboard

After logging into your LISA admin, navigate to Reputation Manager > Surveys.


2. Click the Computer Icon

Find the survey you'd like to test, confirming that it is currently in test mode.


Open the menu and click View to open the survey in a new tab of your internet browser.


3. Test in Browser or Copy the URL to Share

From here, you can either complete the survey directly in your browser, or you can copy the URL and provide it to team members to test on their own time.


If your team members have access to surveys in the LISA admin, they can follow the instructions above as well. If not, you can send them this URL to test on their own; they do not need to be a LISA admin user to test a survey.

Once you've finished testing your survey and editing it as needed, you can:

As the warning text notes, any submissions made during test mode will be deleted once your survey is published live, ensuring that your survey report is accurate based on customer responses.