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How to Create a New Survey Request Email Template

Whenever you request a survey through the LISA admin, you'll be using the survey request email template, which makes it quick and easy to send the right message to the right customer. Follow the instructions below to create a new survey email template or to edit an existing one.

If you'd like a higher-level overview, start with our explainer about company and customer email templates for surveys.

1. Go to Notifications > Email Templates

After logging into your LISA admin, go to Notifications > Email Templates.


In order to create or edit a customer email template, you must be an Administrator or a User. Learn more about the different LISA admin roles.

2. Add a New Template

On the Email Templates page, first make sure that you're on the tab for "Customers" (not "Company").


Then click the plus sign (+) to add a new customer email template.


Your LISA admin comes with default email templates already created. If you'd like to edit a survey request email template instead of creating a new one, simply click on it from the list. 

3. Fill Out the Template Details

On the Edit Template page, fill in your desired details for this survey request email template. 

The most important fields on this page are:

Email Template Type

Be sure to choose Survey.


Add Elements to Email Design

The section for Add Elements to Email Design allows you to automatically populate the data that you set whenever you created the survey.

Click the Survey dropdown menu to see all possible options related to your survey.


For a survey request email, you'll most likely want to use:

  • #SurveyTitle# 
  • #SurveyDescription# 
  • #SurveyRequestMessage# 
  • #SurveyUrl# 

By inserting these dynamic elements into your email template, you'll be able to send a customized message with the right survey information for each customer and each survey. (If you don't understand these fields, start with our overview of dynamic elements.)

All of the above-mentioned fields are set on the Survey Settings page. For a review, refer to our resource on how to create a new survey, which covers field in detail.

Email Trigger Options

Because you will be manually sending this survey request through the LISA admin, choose Manual.


Want to know more? You can learn more about the three email trigger options.

4. Save Your Changes

Once you've finished filling out the template details, click "Save" to save your changes.


Please keep in mind that this email template is simply a starting point to make it quicker and easier to request surveys from customers. Whenever you send a survey request, you'll start with an email template like the one you've just created—but you will still be able to make content and styling changes to the individual email before sending it.

Learn more in our article on how to send a survey request.