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What Are the Prebuilt Survey Template Options?

When creating a new survey in the LISA admin, the very first setting you'll choose is whether you want to start with a prebuilt survey template or create your own survey from scratch.


As you can see in the screenshot above, the prebuilt options include the following four survey templates:

  • Customer Satisfaction Survey
  • Home Design Consultation Survey
  • Tell Us About Your Experience
  • Tell Us How We Did

Learn more about each of these survey templates below. 

Survey templates are simply a quick way to get started. Whenever you create a new survey from a template, you can keep the template as is or edit any component: the title, description, questions, and more. 

Customer Satisfaction Survey

The Customer Satisfaction Survey template is the longest template, with seven ranked choice questions and one open response. 


This template takes advantage of aggregate rating questions so that you can display the survey results in the form of a graphical display on your website, similar to the one shown below. Survey_aggregates_on_frontend_website.jpg

The aggregate rating categories included in this survey template are Timeliness, Recommended, Professionalism, Customer Service, Value, and Overall Satisfaction.

Curious about aggregates? Want to edit the aggregates that appear here? Check out these resources to understand how aggregates work and how to add a new one. (Links coming soon!)

Home Design Consultation Survey

The Home Design Consultation Survey template is a brief survey regarding your company's free consultation, with four simple yes/no questions.


By default, this template does not include any aggregate rating questions, although you can add them if you'd like to.

Tell Us About Your Experience

The Tell Us About Your Experience survey template is essentially a shorter version of the first template (Customer Satisfaction Survey). It presents three ranked-choice questions pulled from the following survey aggregates: Value, Recommended, and Overall Satisfaction.


Tell Us How We Did

The Tell Us About Your Experience survey template is another shorter version of the first template. It presents four ranked-choice questions pulled from the following survey aggregates: Timeliness, Customer Service, Professionalism, and Overall Satisfaction.


Have an idea for a new survey template? We'd love to hear it! Please fill out a support ticket at this link to share your template idea. Our team will take it into consideration when building out new features.

To learn more about the different ways you can customize any survey template or create a survey from scratch, check out these related resources: