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Benefits of the LISA Platform vs. WordPress


As a central hub for managing and customizing your website content, the LISA platform is similar to the popular content management system WordPress. However, unlike WordPress, the LISA platform has been designed and developed to do a lot more than just manage content.

Through its built-in features, the LISA platform gives you everything you need to track website leads, encourage lead conversion, and grow your business online. Learn more about the benefits of the LISA platform compared to WordPress below.

1. Automatic Lead Tracking

All leads that enter your LISA platform are automatically tracked. For instance, did the lead come from organic search or from a PPC campaign? Which specific form on your website did the lead fill out? Which ad did the lead click?

All of these questions are answered within the LISA Contact Manager, giving you precise data on which campaigns are giving you the best ROI.


Learn more about lead tracking in these resources:

2. Lead Conversion Tools


Unlike WordPress, which is primarily designed for content management, the LISA platform is geared toward lead conversion. For that reason, all of the essential lead conversion tools are already built in!

Importantly, Spectrum specializes in home services websites and has spent years working with hundreds of companies in the industry—so we know what works well from a lead conversion point of view and are also continuously evolving. WordPress sites can look great, but they are rarely built or designed by people who understand lead conversion and ROI for home services companies. 

Just a few of these lead conversion tools include:

3. CRM Integrations

The LISA admin integrates with many CRMS out of the box, a few of which include:

  • LeadPerfection
  • Acculynx
  • Marketsharp
  • JobNimbus

The LISA admin is also set up to provide flexible functionality based on location—either your business location(s) or your website visitors'. We can route leads and manage CRM integrations based on location and can even display different Google reviews or phone numbers based on website visitor location.

If you use a CRM that is not already integrated, we'd be happy to make the connection as long as the set-up is possible. Please fill out a support ticket or contact your Spectrum Client Manager for assistance.

4. Built-in Content Features

While WordPress does allow you to manage your content, specialized content types are not included; instead, they require third-party add-ons or plugins. Many of these features are paid and must be kept up to date; too many plugins may also create compatibility issues, causing content to display strangely or not function at all.

In the LISA admin, by contrast, all features are native and designed by us. You won't need to add third-party tools to manage your content. Just a few of the built-in site content features of the LISA platform include:

Most of these elements are edited from the Site Content section of the LISA admin.


Did you know? You can grant different levels of LISA admin access to your team. The Content Manager role is specifically designed to assist with content.

5. Email Templates and Sending

Unlike WordPress, which requires plugins to manage email templates, the LISA admin comes with both company- and customer-facing email capability built in.


Not only can you create and edit templates that are sent automatically whenever a customer interacts with your website, but you can also directly send manual emails to any contact. You can also set advanced rules for when an automated email gets sent—ensuring that the right lead (or team member!) gets the right message every time.

Check out these resources for more information:

6. Site Security

WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems, which makes these sites a lucrative target for hackers. The same vulnerabilities tend to affect all WordPress websites, making it easy for malicious actors to try their hacks until they find a website that's weakly secured.

The LISA platform does not run on WordPress, and it's constantly updated and monitored by our team of developers.

7. Reputation Management Tools

Building a great reputation online is easy with the LISA admin—no need to download third-party plugins or apps. Your LISA platform comes with reputation management tools already built in and ready to use, helping you to request customer feedback and showcase great reviews.


Through the Reputation Manager, you can:

Have a great presence on Google reviews? We can also display Google reviews on your site!

8. No Plugin Problems

Because much of the flexibility of WordPress comes via plugins, it's very easy for WordPress sites to become overloaded with plugins. The more plugins are added, the more updates are required and the greater the likelihood of two or more plugins crashing and breaking the site design or function.

Because the LISA admin is not run on WordPress and does not require plugins, this is not a problem. 

9. No Site Updates Required

Our developers are constantly maintaining our sites, and we update the sites as needed to introduce new features and maintain security. You will never have to update the site on your own—which is often a point of vulnerability for WordPress, as each site update has the potential to break the code.

10. Spectrum Client Managers

As a Spectrum Enterprise customer, you're never left to handle your website on your own. Your website will be managed by a team of Client Managers who can assist with every aspect of your website:

  • Understanding the LISA admin
  • Organic search engine optimization
  • Pay-per-click (PPC) ad campaigns
  • Social media ads

Your Client Managers will consult with you on website changes as they know exactly what works for other clients in the industry and what converts leads most effectively. Unlike many companies that offer WordPress websites, we make changes based on proven strategies and many years of industry-specific insights.

If you ever need assistance or would like to explore new means of lead generation and conversion, please contact your client management team! You can also fill out a support ticket any time.