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Overview: Using Conditions to Automatically Send Different Email Templates

Through the LISA platform, you can create a variety of email templates to be automatically sent to customers and to your company based on the type of lead engagement (e.g. quote leads vs. referrals).

Not only can you create different email templates for different types of leads, but you can set even more precise email rules within the same type of lead. You'll do this by setting "Conditions."


Learn more about email template trigger conditions below.

What Are Email Trigger Conditions?

Conditions are essentially a set of rules that you can apply to a specific email template. That email template will only send if and when all conditions have been met.

For instance, you might want to send a specific email template to anyone who gives you a review of 5 stars. To do this, you would set a condition like the one below, where the review number equals 5. 


You can set email trigger conditions to determine the email sent to the lead as well as the email sent to your company. Learn more about the Customers and Company tabs in our overview of email templates.

What Email Trigger Conditions Can I Set?

The specific conditions you can set will vary based on which type of email template you're creating. In general, the types of conditions available for both customer and company email templates include the following:

  • Product - Send different emails based on a lead's interest in different products (such as showers, roofing, etc.).
  • Survey - Send different emails to customers who have completed different surveys and/or who have provided different numbers of stars in their survey review.

Not all email template types allow for conditions to be utilized. Don't worry, though—the LISA admin will only display the conditions available to you at any given time.

Where Do I Set Email Trigger Conditions?

You will set any desired conditions within each individual email template's settings.

Navigate to Notifications > Email Templates and then select any template from the list to open its settings and add your desired email trigger conditions.


To be able to add conditions to the email template, you must select "Automatic" as the Email Trigger Type (as shown below). If "Automatic" is not available for you to choose, then this type of email template cannot utilize conditions.


Can I Set Multiple Conditions?

Yes. If you have a complex email flow in mind, you can utilize multiple conditions to set even more precise rules.

In the example below, this email template will only send if the customer has chosen "roofing" as the product and if their closest location is Louisville.


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