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What Lead Sourcing Information Does the LISA Admin Provide?

The LISA admin provides detailed sourcing information for all of your leads' activities and engagements, helping you understand where your leads are coming from and which marketing efforts are resulting in the highest ROI.

For any activity completed by any customer, you'll have access to detailed information similar to the example below (which comes from a LISA admin quote form).


If you aren't sure how to get to this page, please refer to this article on how to view lead sourcing information.

Source Summary


The top row provides a quick summary of the source, including the:

  • Name of the source ("Roofing Quote" form in this case)
  • Time and date of lead entry
  • Source type: PPC or organic, plus further information if and when available ("" in this case)

Source Details


Everything below the top line provides further information on this lead's source. For a quote form, the source details include those in the screenshot above:

  • Details: Any unique fields entered by the customer in the quote form
  • GCLID: A unique ID to track clicks from Google (only applicable to PPC sources from
  • Referrer Page: Where the lead came from
  • Landing Page: The first page on your website that the lead viewed
  • Converted Page: The page on which your lead submitted the form. (This may be the same as the landing page, but not always.)

Please note that the information presented here in the source details will vary based on the type of activity. For example:

  • A phone call will display the number dialed, the number forwarded to, the number of rings, the status, and any call recording.
  • A contact form submission will display the visitor's message along with the referrer, landing, and converted pages.
  • A review submission will display the star rating, the IP address of the reviewer, the market, and the text of the review.

If you have any questions about the details given for a particular activity or lead source, please reach out to your Spectrum Client Manager or fill out a support ticket.

Did you know? If you're a PSAI customer, then the same detailed lead information can be provided for your PSAI leads! To take advantage of this option, you'll first need to flow your PSAI leads into the LISA admin.

You can learn more about the PSAI and LISA connection here or contact your Spectrum Client Manager to set this up for you.