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Overview: Email Trigger Options for Email Templates


In the process of creating a new email template, you'll need to select the appropriate email trigger. In other words, when will this email be sent?

As you can see in the screenshot above, there are three options available to you:

  • Manual
  • Automatic - Email type default
  • Automatic

Learn more about each option and when to use it below.

Please note that you will be unable to edit the email trigger options for default email templates. (Default templates are indicated by a gray checkmark in from the Notifications > Email Templates dashboard.)



When set to Manual, this email template can be selected from the dropdown menu whenever you manually send an email through the Contact Manager. The email template will never be sent automatically. 

Automatic - Email Type Default


When set to Automatic - Email type default, this email template will be sent automatically as the default for this lead interaction type. For example, the default email template for a quote form would be sent automatically to all customers who fill out a quote form.

Please note that you can only have one default email template per interaction type; an error message (shown below) will appear if you try to save more than one.




The Automatic option is the most complex option of all, allowing this email template to be sent automatically—but only when specific conditions are met. If all of the specified conditions are not met, then the LISA platform would instead send the email template marked "Automatic - Email type default."

Examples of when you might utilize the Automatic email trigger option include: