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How to Deactivate a Survey

If you'd like to remove a survey from your website (no longer allowing the landing page to be seen or responses to be collected), you can deactivate it from your Surveys dashboard. Follow the instructions below.

By deactivating a survey, it will no longer be accessible at its previous URL, but you'll still maintain the survey and its data. You can reactivate it at any time.

1. Go to Reputation Manager > Surveys

After logging into your LISA admin, navigate to your Surveys dashboard at Reputation Manager > Surveys.


2. Click the Pencil Icon

Find the survey that you'd like to deactivate. Then click to open the menu and choose Edit.

Edit_survey.png3. Uncheck the "Active" Box

At the bottom of the Edit Survey page, uncheck the box for Active. (This will be checked when you first enter the page.)

Uncheck_box_for_active.jpg4. Save Your Changes

Once the "Active" box has been unchecked, save your changes.


That's it! When you return to your Surveys dashboard, you'll see that the status of this survey has now been changed from active to inactive.


To reactivate this survey at any time, simply follow the instructions above to recheck the "Active" box and save your changes.

Did you know? You can also delete a survey altogether as long as it has no responses. Learn how to delete a survey.