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How to Display Survey Aggregates on Site Pages

Survey aggregates are a great way to use LISA admin surveys to build credibility and trust with website visitors. You can display survey aggregates throughout your website on a page-by-page basis following the instructions below.


Please note that in order to edit site pages in this way, you must be a LISA platform user with the Content Manager role. Learn more about the LISA platform roles and/or how to edit roles

1. Go to Site Content > Pages

After logging into your LISA platform, go to Site Content > Pages.

Site_Content_pages.png2. Find the Page

Scroll down or use your browser's Ctrl + F feature to find the page on which you'd like to display the survey aggregates. Click on it.


Don't see the right page here? Please reach out to your Spectrum Client Manager for access or fill out a support ticket.

3. Check the Box for Survey Aggregates

Within the section for Page Options, check the box to display survey aggregates.


4. Save Your Changes

With the aggregate box checked, click Save to save your changes.


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