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Where Can I Display Offers on My Website?

Both types of offers—standard offers and sweepstakes offers—can be displayed as cards all across your website, including:

  • On the homepage
  • On the Offers page
  • Virtually anywhere on your website

In most cases, the offer cards will be displayed in a row format, similar to the one shown below. (Certain displays may look slightly different, but the cards themselves will have a similar format.)


Learn more about each offer display option below.

On the Homepage

Any offer can be set to display on the homepage of your website, simply by setting the offer as "featured" on your Offers dashboard.


On the Offers Page

Each offer you create can be either displayed on your Offers page or hidden from view. (You can access your Offers page by navigating to your website URL and adding /offers/ to the end.)

The Offers page will look similar to the one shown below, displaying your selected offers in the form of cards. You can display as many offer cards on the Offers page as you'd like.


Anywhere on Your Website

In addition to the homepage and Offers page, you can display your offers and sweepstakes almost anywhere on your website. For example, on any of your internal website pages, you can display offers as:

  • The main header of the page
  • The header of the quote form
  • Cards beneath the quote form

Each option is shown in red below.


These aren't the only places you can feature your offers, either. With the help of our designers, you can display offers almost anywhere throughout your site.

You can even add your offer to the main nav bar of your website if it's a particularly important or high-converting offer. The company below, for instance, has linked "GIVEAWAY" to a sweepstakes landing page.


To display your offers in any of these locations (or somewhere else entirely), simply contact your Spectrum Client Manager or submit a ticket. We'll work with you to display your offers wherever they'll be most impactful in terms of attracting attention and generating leads.

Are you a Spectrum Client Manager? Explore our internal resources on page info, including offer display and more. (Link coming soon!)

Not sure what the best placement might be for different types of offers? Check out our tips on the most high-conversion locations for offers and sweepstakes. You can also get some inspiration from these client examples. (Links coming soon!)