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How Many Offers Can I Display on the Homepage?

Within the Offers dashboard of the LISA admin, there is no limit to the number of offers you can set as "featured." That means that you can display as many offers and sweepstakes on the homepage as you would like.

However, it's important to keep the aesthetic in mind when choosing the number of offers to display. Our base website designs typically account for the display of three offer cards, as shown below.


After you've chosen the first three offers, another row will appear to showcase the additional offers. Rows will continue to be added as needed to display all of the offers you've marked as "featured."

To make sure the design looks good, we recommend viewing your homepage as you add featured offers. (Simply open your website in another browser tab and refresh the page each time you mark an offer as "featured.")

Depending on your site design and your personal preference, you may find that a certain number of offer cards looks best on your homepage.

If you've added more than three offers and the design looks odd or the additional rows of offers are not showing up, please contact us to customize the display for you. Just fill out a support ticket at this link or by using the Help widget at the bottom of the screen.

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