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What Is an Urgency Date for an Offer?

While editing an offer or sweepstakes in the LISA admin, you have the option to add an "urgency date." This field is not required, but it is recommended! Learn more about urgency dates and how they work below.


Why Use Urgency Dates?

As the name implies, an urgency date helps add a sense of urgency to your offer, encouraging website visitors to take action before a certain date.

Where Do Urgency Dates Display?

Urgency dates are simply appended to the end of an offer's short description.


If you are going to use an urgency date, it's important to write the offer's short description in a way that flows naturally into the date.

Urgency Dates vs. Expiration Dates

Urgency dates serve a similar purpose as expiration dates, and they are both visible to customers from the frontend of your website. However, they function slightly differently:

  • An offer expiration date represents a hard deadline, after which the offer will be completely removed from your website. 
  • An offer urgency date is not a hard deadline. If the urgency date passes, then the date is simply removed from your website; the offer itself will remain live. Unlike an expiration date, you can also set the urgency date to auto-renew—driving urgency with website visitors without having to manually change the date.

If you choose to use an offer urgency date, then this date will replace the expiration date from the frontend of your website (so visitors will only see the urgency date).

If you aren't familiar with expiration dates for offers, you can learn more here:

How to Add an Urgency Date

Adding an urgency date to any offer is as simple as choosing a date and, if you'd like, an auto-renewal date. This can be done when creating a new offer or editing an existing offer.