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Offer Landing Page Types: Offers vs. Sweepstakes

Within the LISA platform, there are two basic types of offers that you can create:

  1. Standard offers
  2. Sweepstakes

Both types of offers are created, edited, and managed under the Offers dashboard at Site Content > Offers.


Who can create a new offer? Both Administrators and Content Managers are able to access the Offers page. Learn more about the different LISA platform roles here.

Standard Offers

Standard offers are used for the typical offers your business might advertise, such as special financing or a seasonal discount. Standard offers look similar to the page below.


Standard offers can be displayed almost anywhere on your website in the form of offer cards, as shown below. (Check out all the places you can display offers.)


Need more information? Follow these instructions on how to create a standard offer.


Sweepstakes offers are, as the name implies, designed to advertise sweepstakes-style contests in which a website visitor enters some kind of drawing for the chance to win a prize.

As you can see below, sweepstakes pages look completely different from the frontend compared to standard offers.


Just like standard offers, sweepstakes can also be displayed as cards throughout your website! (In the screenshot below, the left-most item is a sweepstakes and the two right items are standard offers.)