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How to Display an Offer on the Offers Page

You can display as many offers and sweepstakes on your Offers page (located at /offers/) as you want. This setting is established on an offer-by-offer basis and can be changed at any time.

Follow the instructions below.

1. Go to Your Offers Dashboard

Log into your LISA platform and navigate to your Offers dashboard at Site Content > Offers.


2. Click an Offer or Create a New One

If you're creating a new offer to display on your Offers page, click the plus (+) button in the upper right corner. (You can follow these new offer instructions for help.)

If you're editing an existing offer, simply click it from the list on your Offers dashboard.


3. Check the Box for "Show Offer Card"

Once you're on the individual offer page, scroll down to the last section titled Disable/Enable Features. Then click the box to show the offer card on the Offers page.


If you'd like to make other edits while you're here, explore all of the options for editing an offer or sweepstakes.

4. Save Your Changes

Click the green button to save your changes.


That's it! Now your offer will be displayed on your main Offers page, located at /offers/. This page will look similar to the one below, with your offer displayed as one of the cards.


Want to adjust the order of the offer cards on the Offers page? Learn how to use the drag-and-drop sort feature.