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Where Are Offer Expiration Dates Displayed?

Expiration dates are optional, but if and when they're added to an offer or a sweepstakes, they will be displayed in several places:

  • On the offer landing page
  • As a countdown timer for a sweepstakes landing page
  • On the offer cards

See examples of each below.

Expiration Date on Offer Landing Page

For a standard offer landing page, the expiration date will be displayed in the upper right, as shown in the example below.


Expiration Date on Sweepstakes Landing Page

On a sweepstakes landing page, the expiration date is displayed at the top right. To create a sense of urgency, the expiration date is automatically displayed as a countdown timer as well.


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On Offer Cards

On the offer cards, the expiration date is listed beneath the heading and short description.


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