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Can I Preview an Offer While Creating It?

Yes! Whether you are creating a standard offer or creating a sweepstakes, there are two easy ways to see how your offer will look while you make it:

  1. Real-time "Offer Preview" at the top of the page
  2. "Preview Landing" button at the bottom of the page

Offer Preview at the Top

As you enter your offer's primary information (like its image and heading), the Offer Preview section in the upper right corner will update in real-time, as demonstrated in the GIF below.


This preview shows you the card format of your offer, which can be displayed on your Offers page, your home page, and across your website. Learn more about where you can display offer cards here.

Landing Page Preview Button at the Button

If you'd like to view your offer's landing page instead of its smaller card format, this is also easy to do! Simply scroll to the bottom of the Offer Detail page and click the button for "Preview Landing."

As shown in the GIF below, this will open a preview of your offer or sweepstakes in a new tab of your internet browser.


You can preview your offer's landing page as many times as you'd like while you create it. For a quick comparison, you can also refer to our article on the two types of offer landing pages available.