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How Do I Change the Email Sent to an Offer Lead?

In the LISA admin, automated customer emails work like this: you can create any number of customer email templates of the "offer" type and then select the correct template for each individual offer.

Thus, to change the automated email sent to a lead who fills out an offer form, there are two possible steps to take:

  1. You may need to edit an existing offer email template or create a new one.
  2. You may need to change the customer email template assigned to each individual offer.

We will explain each step below.

1. Create or Edit the Customer Email Template

To change the content of the email sent to an offer lead, you can adjust the customer email template(s) under Notifications > Email Templates.


You can either:

  • Edit an existing customer email template for Offers: You can edit any existing template, including the default email template. By editing an existing template, all of your changes will be automatically reflected anywhere you have that email template already assigned.
  • Create a new customer email template for Offers: You can create as many customer email templates of the "offer" type as you'd like to. Once you've created a new template, you must go in and assign it to each individual offer (as explained in step 2).

2. Assign the Customer Email Template to Each Offer

Once you've created the email template(s), you can assign them on an offer-by-offer basis under Site Content > Offers. Simply click on any offer and update the field for "Customer Email Template."

Important: The templates that appear under Customer Email Template are dictated by the type of form you've selected. If you do not see the right email templates in the dropdown menu, doublecheck which the form type. Get more information on quote forms vs. offer forms.