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Overview: Your Offers Dashboard

Located under Site Content > Offers, your Offers dashboard is the central hub for creating, editing, and managing offers and sweepstakes in the LISA admin.


This article explains the various actions you can take from the Offers dashboard and provides additional links to helpful resources where you can learn more.

Create Offers


Simply click the plus (+) button to create a new offer or sweepstakes. Get step-by-step instructions in the links below:

Did you know? You can also duplicate offers instead of creating a new one from scratch! Learn how to duplicate an offer here

Edit Offers

Click into any offer on the list to open its individual page and edit any of the settings. You can learn more about editing offers in these articles:

Set Offers to Display on the Homepage

You can very easily set offers to display on the homepage by simply toggling on the switch for "Featured."


Note that all featured offers (both live and inactive) will also be visible from their own tab called "Featured."


Learn more about setting offers to display on the homepage here:

Set the Default Offer

You can set your website's default offer by clicking the radio button shown below. Learn more about the default offer and how it works


Delete or Deactivate Offers

If you would like to remove an offer from your website, you can either delete it or deactivate it from the dashboard. Learn more in these resources:


Sort Offers

On both the "All" and "Featured" tabs, you can reorder the offers in the list to change their display across your website. Learn more about changing the order of offers.


Please keep in mind that only LISA platform users with the correct permissions will be able to view and manage the Offers dashboard as shown above. If you'd like your team members to assist you, please refer to these resources: