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How to Create a Sweepstakes

Sweepstakes are one of two types of offers you can create in the LISA admin. Like the name suggests, a sweepstakes offer attracts leads by advertising some kind of contest, raffle, or giveaway.


To create a new sweepstakes-style offer, follow the instructions below.

Want to create a standard offer instead of a sweepstakes? Then please refer to these instructions on creating a regular offer. You can also view examples of both offer types here.

1. Go to Offers

Log into your LISA platform and go to the Offers dashboard.

If you have the Admin or User role, then this page will be accessed under Site Content > Offers.


If you're in the Content Manager role, then this page will instead be accessed under Content Manager > Offers.


If you do not have one of the above three roles (Admin, User, Content Manager), then you do not have access to the Offers section. Ask your LISA platform administrator to give you the correct user role assignment.

2. Click the Plus (+)

From the Offers page, click the plus (+) button.


3. Choose "Sweepstakes Landing"

On the Offer Detail page, you'll be able to set the details for your sweepstakes offer. 

To make sure this offer is in the sweepstakes style, the most important setting is within the second section for Offer Landing Page Options. Here, check the box for "Sweepstakes Landing." 


Once you've checked the Sweepstakes Landing box, the settings beneath will update to the landing page options relevant to a sweepstakes rather than a standard offer.

4. Enter Your Sweepstakes Details

After checking the sweepstakes box, proceed to complete the fields on the rest of the page. 


For more information on the many customization options available, please refer to our articles on options for editing an offer or sweepstakes.

Tip: At any time, you can scroll to the bottom of the Offer Detail page and click "Preview Landing" to get a helpful preview of your offer.


5. Save Your Changes

Once you've added your sweepstakes details, click "Save" at the bottom to save your changes.


What happens next? As soon as you've saved your sweepstakes, it'll be published to your website immediately (unless it is scheduled for a future date). Website visitors will be able to see and enter your sweepstakes wherever you have chosen to display it.

You'll also see the sweepstakes appear on your main Offers dashboard, where you can come back to edit it at any time.