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How to Add a Title, Description, and Alt Text to Past Project Images

If you'd like to add meta data to your past project images (including an image title, a description, and alt text), this is easy to do from the LISA admin. Follow the instructions below.

Please note that this meta data is for search engine and accessibility purposes only. It will not appear from the frontend of your website.

1. Go to Past Projects 

Navigate to your projects dashboard at Past Projects > Projects.


2. Find the Project

Use the search bar, filters, and/or tabs as needed to find the project you'd like to update.


Once you've located the desired project, click on it to open it.

3. Edit the Image

Open the image editing options by hovering over the image and then clicking the pencil icon.


4. Add the Meta Data

Use the fields on the page to enter your desired meta data.


5. Save

Click Save to save your changes.