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How to Review Submitted Projects

All projects that are submitted by your team will remain "on hold" in the LISA admin until you decide whether or not to publish them. This ensures that only high-quality, vetted projects are showcased on your Past Projects page (located at /past-projects/).

To view all submitted projects ready for publishing or archiving, follow the steps below.

1. Go to Past Projects > Projects

After logging into your LISA admin, go to Past Projects > Projects.


Note that you must be a LISA Admin or User role to see Past Projects.

2. View New Projects

On the Projects page, you'll be brought by default to the New tab, where all of your submitted (i.e. not yet published) projects can be reviewed at a glance.


3. Sort or Filter (Optional)

From here, you can use the filters, sort feature, and search bar to narrow down your list of projects further.


Once you've found a project or projects of interest, you can easily:

Is this an outstanding project that you want to showcase? Once the project is published, you can feature it as well!