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How to Add a Past Project (via the LISA Admin)

There's no better way to show off your company's skill and expertise than by displaying past projects for website visitors to see. To add a project to the Past Projects page (located at /past-projects/), follow the instructions below.

To follow these instructions, you must have the Admin or User role. If you'd like your field staff to submit a project, follow these instructions to add a project via your website instead.

1. Go to Past Projects

After logging into your LISA platform, go to Past Projects > Projects.


2. Add a New Project

Click the three-dots menu and then click Add Project.


3. Fill in the Form

You will be redirected to your website page at the URL path /past-projects/add-job/. Fill in the form.


The required fields include the following:

  • Project Type: Select one or more project types. The project types you assign here will be visible as tags from the front end of the website and can also be used as filters on the Past Projects page
  • Sold by Employee: Select the relevant employee from the dropdown menu. (Under Past Project Settings, you can choose whether this field is required or optional. Link coming soon!)
  • Project Date: Enter the date of completion.
  • Customer Contact Information: Enter the customer's full name, email address, phone number, and full address. 

The optional fields include the following: 

  • Project Cost: Adding the project cost can help set a realistic expectation for website visitors and may help pre-qualify leads who self-select based on price.
  • Photos: Upload beautiful photos to show off your best work. (You can add meta data to images later.)
  • Product Description: We recommend using the project description to highlight features and benefits of your company. What made this such a great project?
  • Project Name: A compelling name will set the tone for the project and draw the attention of website visitors.
  • Review: Take advantage of the homeowner's excitement to get a great review! This review can be displayed on the project card.

4. Submit the Job

Click Post Job to submit the job.



What happens next?

The project will appear on your Past Projects dashboard. From there, you can review it, edit it, and then publish it live to your website! If you love the project, feature it. If you don't love the project, archive it instead.