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How to Send a Message to Any Contact

Through the Contact Manager in the LISA admin, you can quickly and easily send an email to any lead or customer. Simply follow the instructions below.

1. Go to Contact Manager > Contacts

After logging into your LISA platform, navigate to Contact Manager > Contacts.


You can access the Contact Manager section of the LISA admin if you are an Administrator, User, or Rep. 

2. Find the Lead

From the Contacts dashboard, use the search bar or filters or browse manually to find the lead you'd like to message.


3. Click to Send a Message

Once you've found the lead, click the button with the three dots and then click "Send Message." 


This will open up the contact details page with the message feature already open and ready, as shown below.


4. Enter Your Message Details


In the Send Message section, you can select all the right details for your message, including the following:

  • Message Template
  • Subject and Body
  • Available Fields

Message Template

From the dropdown menu, you'll be able to select from all of your customer email templates. Templates make it easy to communicate with customers without having to type a new message each time. Learn more about email templates here.

Please note that message templates are optional. If you would like to start with a blank email and type everything by hand, you can do that, too.

If you don't see the message template you want, you can always make a new one! Learn how to create a customer email template.

Subject and Body

Both of these fields will be automatically populated for you whenever you select a message template. Even after the template has loaded, however, you can make further edits by clicking in the field and typing.

Available Fields 

"Available fields" refer to dynamic information that your LISA platform can automatically insert on your behalf. For instance, instead of typing out your company address, you can insert the field for #DefaultAddress# to make sure the information is right, even if it changes.

Learn more about "available fields."

5. Send Your Message

Once you've added your message details to your liking, click "Send" to send the message straight away.


Note: Messages are sent by email. If you try to send a message to a contact that does not have an email address saved, you will get a popup error message like the one below.


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