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How to Assign a Contact to a Team Member (Representative)

Assigning a contact to a team member will place that contact on the team member's Contacts and Activity dashboards. From here, the team member can easily review all of their assigned contacts and take the next step—whether that's sending an email or scheduling an appointment.

Follow the instructions below to assign a contact to a team member.

Please note that in order to assign a contact, the assigner must be a LISA Administrator and the assignee must be a LISA Representative. Learn how to set up Rep access.

1. Go to Contact Manager > Contacts

After logging into your LISA platform, navigate to Contact Manager > Contacts.


You can also navigate to Contact Manager > Activity to view your contacts. Although there are some differences between the Contacts and Activity pages, for this particular task, it does not matter which page you use.

2. Find the Contact You'd Like to Assign

On the Contacts page, browse manually or use the search bar and filters to help you find the contact you'd like to assign.


Once you've located the contact, click on them to open their contact detail page, as shown below.


3. Assign Contact Owner

Scroll down to the bottom of the contact's page until you see a section for "Contact Owner."


Use the dropdown menu to select the Rep to whom you'd like to assign this contact.


Don't see the user you expected? Then he or she has not been assigned the Representative role. Use these instructions to edit their user permissions.

4. Save Your Changes

Once you've assigned the correct Rep, click the green button to save your changes.


What happens next? After you've assigned the contact, the contact will now be accessible to the Rep on their LISA admin dashboard, as shown below. (Get more information the Rep dashboard and role.)


From Contacts page, the rep can take all of the normal actions to interact with this lead, such as: