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Tips for Searching and Filtering the Contacts Page

Located under Contact Manager > Contacts, the Contacts dashboard is an easy way to find any lead or customer who has interacted with your LISA platform. Get the most important tips for searching, filtering, and navigating this page below.

Tip #1: Each Customer Gets Their Own Entry

On the Contacts page, each customer will have a single entry, regardless of how many different interactions that customer has had with your LISA platform over time.

You can click on the customer from the Contacts page to view the full Activity Timeline and see each individual interaction in more detail.


Please note that this differs from the Activity page, where each individual activity is given its own entry (rather than each person). Get more tips on navigating the Activity page here.

Tip #2: Columns Refer to Initial Activity

On the Contacts page, it is important to understand that the column headings reflect the initial activity of this person, including the columns for Initial, Date, and Source (highlighted below).


So while the customer shown above is labeled with a date of 01/27/2021, you can click to view the contact details and see that that this customer has had many interactions since then.


Please be aware that setting a date filter on the Contacts page will display leads whose initial activity falls within the specified parameters, regardless of any activities since.

Tip #3: Filters Can Help Narrow Your Search

In addition to the date filter that is visible by default, you can view and apply additional filters by clicking the Filters button at the top of the Contacts page.


As you can see in the screenshot above, the available filters include the following:

Tip #4: The Search Bar Searches Your Current Filters

If you have applied any filters, then the search bar will only search those currently selected filters. If you do not get the search results you expect, double-check which filters are selected.

For example, the search below returned 0 results because the search term "andrea" does not match any customers whose initial activity falls within the specified date period: 09/01/2021 - 09/30/2021.


Even if you log out and back into the LISA admin, your previous filters will be remembered. This is one reason that you may have filters unintentionally applied.

Tip #5: Click Any Column Title to Sort

You can click any column title to sort in ascending order based on that characteristic. 

For example, clicking Name will sort the contacts from A-Z (according to last name). Clicking phone will sort the contacts according by number, lowest to highest.




Once you've found the contact(s) you're looking for using the tips above, you can take any number of actions, including: