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Who Can Access the Contact Manager?

Giving your staff the correct user permissions is key to using the LISA platform efficiently. For the Contact Manager feature, the following LISA admin roles have access:

  • Administrators
  • Users
  • Representatives

Learn more about each role's Contact Manager permissions and restrictions below.

New to Contact Manager? Then we recommend starting with our beginner's guide or overview of the Contacts dashboard.



As you might expect, Administrators have the most fully featured view of Contact Manager, including all of the sub-features:

Through these features, a LISA platform Administrator has the ability to communicate with leads, edit their contact information, schedule appointments, assign leads to representatives, import contacts from external sources, and more.



As you can see in the screenshot above, users can access most of the sub-features under Contact Manager, including:



Reps have the most limited access to Contact Manager and are only able to see the following sub-features:

As shown in the screenshot above, a rep's LISA admin dashboard shows the major action items for leads, including upcoming appointments, upcoming follow-ups, and recent notes about contacts. All of these can be managed within the Contact Manager.

Important Note About Representative Access

Overall, the Contact Manager will look the same from the User, Admin, and Rep views. However, it is important to note that Reps can only see contacts that have been assigned to them. 

In the case below, for example, this Rep has only been assigned one contact. 


In order for this rep to interact with other contacts through the Contact Manager, an Administrator would first have to assign those contacts to the rep.

If you don't know how, check out these instructions for assigning a contact to a representative.