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How to Set up Rep Access in the LISA Admin

Certain actions within the LISA admin are only available for users with the role of Representative. Reps also have more limited platform access, with a dashboard that's focused only on the contacts who are assigned to them. (See the Rep dashboard view here.)

To set up your team members with Representative access, follow the instructions below.

New to user roles in general? Check out our LISA admin role overview to explore all five roles available.

1. Go to Admin Users

After logging into your LISA admin, go to Company Info > Admin Users.


2. Add a New User or Edit an Existing One

From the Users page, click the button for + Add User to create a new user, or click on an existing user to edit that user's access.


3. Choose the Representative Role

In order to give your team member access to appointments and assigned contacts in the LISA admin, the most important setting is to select Representative in the "User Role" field.


Please note that LISA admin users may be assigned multiple roles. You can learn more about the other roles in this overview article.

4. Fill Out the Representative Options

The Representative role comes with several unique information fields, which will appear on the page as soon as you've selected the role.


Most of these fields are self-explanatory, but here are a few notes to assist:

  • Title and Phone Number: This information will only appear in email templates if this rep is the default rep and if you choose to insert it via dynamic fields
  • Rep Type: Both types of reps (inbound and outbound) will be able to view assigned contacts and appointments from their Rep dashboard. However, inbound reps will also be able to see incoming calls.
  • Default Rep: The default rep gives you an easy way to add a staff member's information to email templates and throughout your platform. Learn more about the default rep.
  • Image: Your appointment confirmation email template includes the representative's photo to help build trust an establish professionalism. We recommend uploading a professional-looking photo.
  • Color: The color is used to help LISA Admin users distinguish reps on the calendar. Learn more about the Calendar page.

5. Save Your Changes

Once you've set the Rep details above, save your changes.


If this is a new Representative, you'll need to provide them with the login information you just set, including the email address and password.

What's next? After you've granted Rep access, the Rep can log into the LISA admin (using the same link as you) and start interacting with all of their assigned contacts.

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