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Overview: Notification Routing

Setting the right email notifications is essential to handling incoming leads efficiently and ensuring that no leads fall through the cracks. Through your LISA platform, you have complete control over who receives which notifications—along with a default notification setting to ensure that no lead is missed.

Learn more about notifications below.

How Do Notifications Work?

Whenever a lead interacts with your website, someone on your team will receive an automated notification. You'll have fine control over who gets notified and how.

Here are some key facts about notifications:

  • You can set both email and SMS notifications.
  • You can set different people to be notified for different types of lead sources (such as claims, offers, appointments, etc.).
  • For each type of lead source, you can notify as many people as you'd like by email and up to 3 different numbers by SMS.
  • For email notifications, you can customize your email templates and even send different emails to customers and staff members. (Learn more in our overview of email templates.)

Where Do I Set and Update My Notifications?

To update your notifications, you'll log into your LISA platform and then go to Notifications > Routing in the left-hand toolbar.


Which Notification Settings Are Required?

At a minimum, you must have the Default Form Fills section filled out with at least one email address or SMS number. This is to provide a fall-back notification setting to ensure that no leads are ever missed.


What Additional Notifications Can I Set Up?

In addition to the default settings shown above, you can set specific notification rules for additional lead sources—but only if you want to! This is completely optional based on your business and staffing needs.

If you do want to set more precise lead notifications, then you'll simply click "Add Custom Type."


With this button, you can create additional email and/or SMS notification rules for:

Please note that adding a new rule for a specific lead source will override the default. In other words, the default email address or SMS number will NOT be notified—only the email addresses specified in the new rule. If you want the default to be notified as well, then you'll need to add this email address or SMS number to the custom rule you've just created.

Learn more about how to set custom notification types here. (Link coming soon!)

Who Can Access Notifications?

Only LISA platform users with the Admin role will be able to change your notification settings. Learn more about the different LISA platform roles here.