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How to Share the In-Person Lead Event Access Code with Event Reps

In order to display an event sign-in form at your in-person lead event, your Event Reps will first have to sign into the page on your website. Follow the instructions below to send your Event Reps an access code (which can be done any time before the event begins).

To follow these instructions, you'll need to have added team members as Event Reps and have created your in-person lead event.

1. Go to Event Reps

Log into your LISA admin and go to In-Person Leads > Event Reps.

In_person_leads_event_reps.jpg2. Copy, Email, or Text the Code

Find the event rep(s) who need the access code. Click Email Code or Text Code to immediately send the access code to the email or phone number on file for that user.


If you do not see the correct team member in this list, go back and add them as an Event Rep.

How Does the Access Code Work?

The in-person lead access code provides a unique log-in to each of your event reps. Any lead who completes a form from that rep's computer or tablet will be automatically linked to that rep when the lead flows into the LISA admin (as shown below). 


Access codes are rep-specific, not event-specific. That means that each rep will use the same code and the same log-in URL for any event. Find out how reps can access event forms here.