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How to Add Event Reps for In-Person Lead Events

By adding Event Reps to an in-person lead event (like a home show or exhibition), you can send unique access codes to each representative and track which reps are bringing in which leads. For each Event Rep you'd like to add, follow the instructions below.

1. Go to Event Reps

Log into your admin and navigate to In-Person Leads > Event Reps.


2. Add Rep

Click + Add Event Rep.


3. Choose a Rep

From the dropdown menu, choose the representative that you'd like to add as an event rep.


Note that only team members who have LISA Rep permissions will appear here. If you do not need see the right team member, add them as a rep to the LISA admin.

4. Save

With the rep selected, click Save.


Once you've added Event Reps, you may also want to add event products. Then you're ready to create your event.