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How to Delete a Page from Your Website

If you no longer want a page on your website, it's easy to delete it from the LISA admin. Read the important tips and then follow the instructions below.

What to Know Before Deleting a Page

  • You can follow the instructions below to delete a dynamic page. As soon as you delete the page, the content and associated page info are removed and cannot be retrieved. (If you aren't sure about dynamic vs. static pages, see this article on types of pages.)
  • To delete a static page, please fill out a support ticket to have a Spectrum designer remove it. (If you follow the instructions below for a static page, only the page info will be deleted; the page itself will still be accessible at the URL.)
  • Before deleting a page, we recommend adding a redirect so that any links to the previous page will still land on a relevant page. To implement the redirect, please fill out a support ticket or reach out to your Spectrum Client Manager directly. 
  • If you would like to remove a page from your website while retaining the content for future use, you can unpublish the page instead.

1. Go to Pages

Navigate to Site Content > Pages in the LISA admin. (Like any other action with Pages, you must have the Content Manager role to delete a page.)


2. Click the Page(s) to Delete

Use the checkboxes to select the pages that you'd like delete. Once you've selected one or more pages, click the Delete Selected button to delete the pages.


Don't see the page that you'd like to delete? Then you may need to be granted access. Fill out a support ticket or contact your Spectrum Client Manager directly.

3. Confirm the Deletion

Your internet browser will trigger a popup for you to confirm that you'd like to delete the page. Click OK.