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Types of Pages in the LISA Admin

Within the LISA admin, there are three main types of website pages:

  • Static Pages
  • Dynamic Pages
  • Special Pages

You can edit and customize each of these page types, but the exact process and editing options will vary slightly. Learn more about each type below.

Static Pages

Static pages are typically used for the higher-level pages of your website, such as the home page or any pages displayed in your main navigation menu (such as /roofing/ or /replacement-windows/).

Because they are custom-designed, static pages are not directly editable from the LISA admin. However, you can adjust the page info of these pages, such as the meta description or URL. Learn more about these page editing options.

You can identify a static page by looking at the Page Type field, as shown below.


Example of Static Page

Static pages will look similar to the one below. A static page is often divided into a series of distinct content sections, such as products and services, about the company, reviews, and more. Each static page is customized by a Spectrum designer.



Dynamic Pages

Dynamic pages are used for the majority of your website pages, like your About Us page and your various product/service pages.

Just like a static page, a dynamic page will be labeled as such in the Page Type field.


Unlike static pages, dynamic pages can be edited directly in the LISA admin.

You can type into the text editor to change the content that appears on the page. You can also use the various "page info" accordions to change other aspects of the page, such as the meta information or the quote form displayed. Learn more about these page editing options.

Example of Dynamic Page

Dynamic pages will look similar to the one below, with a large headline at the top, a photo (or photo gallery), and a main content area. The right-hand column displays a quote form and other pieces, such as offers or reviews.

You can control each of these pieces on a page-by-page basis.


Special Pages

"Special" pages provide unique functionality and are created and managed in other parts of the LISA admin (not under Site Content > Pages).

To make edits to these special pages, please visit the corresponding section of the LISA admin and refer to the resources below:

  • Offers (Site Content > Offers)
  • FAQs (Site Content > FAQs)
  • Careers (Site Content > Careers)
  • Reviews (Reputation Manager > Reviews)
  • Past Projects (Past Projects > Projects)
  • Blog and blog posts (Blog) - link coming soon!