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How to Add a New LISA Admin User

Once your website has launched and you've become more familiar with what you can do through the LISA platform, you may want to add new users to assist with your website content and lead nurturing. It's easy to add new users, and you can even restrict each user's access based on their specific role in your company.

Follow the instructions below to learn how to add a new user to your company's LISA platform.

Only users with the "Admin" role can add new users or edit existing users' accounts.

1. Navigate to Company Info > Admin Users

After you've logged into the LISA platform, click "Company Info" and then "Admin Users."


2. Click "+ Add User" Button

On the Users page, click the button in the upper right that says "+ Add User."


3. Complete User Details

On the Add User page, fill in the user's details. 


Whenever you select a User Role, additional options may automatically populate based on that specific role. To find out which role will be best for this user, learn more about the different LISA platform roles here.

4. Provide Login Info to the User

Once you've created the new user, you'll need to provide the login information to that user, including:

  • The email address you used to create the account
  • The password you created
  • The URL to your LISA platform login (which will be your website URL with /admin at the end)

Note that the first time that this user logs in, they'll need to accept the terms and conditions, as shown below.


That's it! Now your team member will be able to access the specific LISA features that you've chosen. Get them started off well by having them review our guides and resources based on user role.