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Why Should I Transfer Over DNS or Domain Hosting?

As a Spectrum Enterprise customer, you can transfer your DNS (Domain Name System) and domain hosting to Spectrum at any time. We strongly recommend that you transfer both the DNS and the domain at the time of website launch; however, if you choose not to, you can still transfer it over at any time.

Benefits of Transferring DNS/Hosting

There are several benefits to transferring over your DNS/domain hosting:

  • You will save money because you do not have to pay another hosting provider.
  • You will have a better experience as a customer because it will be easier for our team to make site updates and fixes.
  • It will also be easier to set up email hosting if that is a service that you would like to have.​

Potential Consequences of Not Transferring DNS/Hosting

If you choose not to transfer the DNS or domain hosting over to us, then our team will have limited access to these critical components of your web presence. Please understand that there is a higher potential for issues in the future.

If you choose not to transfer the domain hosting:

  • Spectrum cannot guarantee seamless domain renewal. 
  • We may reach out for urgent access to your domain provider in case of a site problem in the future.

If you choose not to transfer the DNS:

  • Spectrum cannot guarantee that there will be no problems with redirects between http:// and https:// or www. and non-www.  Some DNS providers do not allow redirects to be fixed at all, in which case you will need to transfer the DNS to us (or recognize that the site might not work except for the specific URL it was coded for).
  • Without access to the DNS, our team may be unable to assist with hosting problems in the future and may run into problems with site updates. In these cases, your company would need to have the tools or resources to fix any hosting-related issues yourself.

How to Transfer DNS and/or Domain Hosting

Please reach out to your Spectrum Client Manager or fill out a support ticket. We'd be happy to guide you through the transfer process.