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How to Display a Media Gallery on a Page


Media galleries allow you to create groups of photos and videos to display throughout your website. Once you've created a media gallery, you can assign it to display on any page by following the instructions below.

Here's some helpful information to know before you assign a media gallery to a page:

Please note that in order to view Pages, you must be a LISA admin user with the Content Manager role, in addition to any other user role you have.

1. Go to Pages

Log into your LISA admin and navigate to Site Content > Pages.


If you do not see the right page in this list, please contact your Spectrum Client Manager or fill out a support ticket to gain access.

2. Find the Page on Which to Add a Media Gallery

Scroll down or use your browser's Ctrl+F function to search for the specific page. Click on it.


3. Select the Gallery

On the individual page details, scroll down to the section for Page Options. Click into the dropdown menu for Page Gallery and select your preferred media gallery.


Here are some notes on the Page Gallery field:

  • Choosing None will display no gallery on the page.
  • Choosing Use Parent Page Gallery will display the default gallery (ID 0121). If you have deleted the gallery with ID 0121, then no gallery will appear.
  • Choosing a specific gallery will display that gallery on the page.

Under the dropdown menu, you can also select whether you'd like to display a "load more" link:

  • Unchecked: Four images will be displayed in your gallery at the top of the page. The user can click on the images to open the image gallery and scroll through all images.
  • Checked: Four images will be displayed in your gallery at the top of the page, with a "load more" link just beneath it. When clicked, additional photos and videos will load directly beneath the four photos currently displayed. The user can still click on the images to open the gallery and see all.

4. Save Your Changes

Once you've selected your media gallery, click Save to save your changes to the page.


You can repeat the instructions above on a page-by-page basis to add galleries to multiple pages. If you have many pages to change, fill out a support ticket or reach out to your Spectrum Client Manager to request assistance with bulk page edits.

Are you a Spectrum Client Manager? Then you can also use page info import to assign media galleries to pages in bulk, using the GalleryID field and GalleryLoad fields.