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How to Change the Order of Questions or Groups on the FAQs Page

Want to change the order of your FAQ page to be more user-friendly or logical? Through the LISA admin, it's easy to edit the display order of individual FAQs as well as groups of FAQs. Simply follow the instructions below.

1. Go to Site Content > FAQs

After logging into your LISA admin, go to Site Content > FAQs.


2. Use the Arrows to Drag and Drop

On the FAQ page, you can use the four-pointed arrows to move individual questions as well as entire groups. Simply click the arrow and then drag the question or group into your desired position on the page.


Please note that you cannot move questions between groups. Instead, create a new question within the correct group and then delete the old one.

That's it! All changes are reflected immediately, so there's no need to save anything separately. If you'd like to view your FAQ page from the frontend of your website, open another tab of your internet browser and add /faq/ to your website URL.