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How to Create a Media Gallery

Media galleries allow you to create custom groups of photos and videos to display throughout your website. You can create as many galleries as you'd like, grouped according to whatever works best for your business: product type, service locations, brands, and more.

To create a new media gallery, follow the instructions below.


1. Go to Media Galleries

After logging into your admin, go to Site Content > Media Galleries.


2. Add Gallery

Click the button for Add Gallery.


3. Add Gallery Details

On the Add Gallery page, fill out the details and upload your media as shown below.


Here's more information about each field on this page:

  • Title: The title appears from your Gallery dashboard as well as the sidebar when a website visitor clicks to enlarge a picture (shown below).
  • Description: The gallery description may appear when images are clicked or when the gallery is displayed.
  • Media: Click Add Video or Add Image to insert as many photos or videos as you'd like, paying special attention to the helpful guidelines in the bulleted list. (Note that image files can be directly uploaded, while video files must be a Youtube or Vimeo link.)


4. Optional: Edit Sort Order

Once you've uploaded images, you can edit the sort order. Note that the first image in the gallery will display at the largest size on the page.

To edit the order, hover over any image until you see the four-directional arrow. Then drag and drop the image into your preferred order.

moving_images_in_gallery.gif5. Save Your Changes

Click Save to save your changes. 


Once you've saved your media gallery, you'll be able to make further edits to individual photos (e.g. adding a meta description) if you'd like to.

Once you have created a media gallery, you can assign it to the pages of your website on a page-by-page basis. Get instructions on displaying a gallery